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Archive of German Breast Group events

In our events archive, you can find out about past events and download presentations.

Presentations given at the Trial Coordinator Meeting 2016

Thank you for your participation and interest in our trial coordinator meeting. You are welcome to view the presentations here.

Current trials (Dr. Jenny Furlanetto)

Translationale research (Christiane Rothhaar)

Inspection preparation and findings (Eva Horzowski / Knuth Koppius)

Worksheets (Nadine Jesche / Dr. Kai Büchsenschütz)

SOPs zur Studienabwicklung am Zentrum (Kathrin Seidel / Roland Arndt)

English documentation (Christina Geissler)

Die ärztliche körperliche Untersuchung in der Studiendurchführung (Dr. Sabine Seiler)

SAEs: Lessons Learned (Sabine Kleinefeld)

Talks given at the Annual Meeting of the GBG 2016

Welcoming address (von Minckwitz)

Annual review 2015 (Loibl)

Keynote lecture: NCIC-CTG (Gelmon)

Metastatic breast cancer studies

BrainMet – another successful register (Thill)

Desiree – How can we make better use of everolimus? (Decker)

E-Vita – Further evidence in support of eribulin in HER2-positive breast cancer (Barinoff)

Aurora + Finesse – How can we use tumour mutations for therapeutic purposes? (Liedtke)

Translational research I

Detection of DNA repair deficiency – “Scar” versus mutation (Fasching)

Immune markers in Responsify and Transcan and beyond (Denkert)

HER2 resistance – Have we been successful in finding the right predictor in our trials? (Müller)

Liquid biopsy markers: everybody’s talking about them – Where do we stand? What is the GBG doing in this respect? (Schem)

Adjuvant trials

Special situations: breast cancer during pregnancy and in men (Reinisch)

Adjuvant hormone trials in the follow-up phase (REACT, SOLE, IBIS II) (Jackisch)

Dose-dense studies (GAIN-2, Panther, GAIN, NNBC-3) (Möbus)

Tamendox Part 1/ Part 2 (Mürdter & Thomssen)

Talk by guest speaker

How will the new EU directive affect the ethics committees? (Hasford)


The GBG’s first operative trial ─ SenSzi (Holtschmidt)

The GBG’s second operative trial ─ Insema (Reimer)

From adjuvant to post-neoadjuvant

Does a BRCA mutation indicate a specific therapy option? ─ Olympia (Stickeler)

Response-adapted therapy in HER2-positive cancer ─ Katherine and Aphinity (Hanusch)

Pallas ─ 2 years of CDK 4/6 (Schmatloch)

Response-adapted therapy in HER2-negative cancer ─ Penelope (von Minckwitz)

Neoadjuvant trials

GeparNuevo – news from the immunology front (Schmidt)

GeparX (Ataseven)

neoFAM (Rhiem)

GeparOla ─ Olaparib or Carbo, that is the question (Lübbe)

Do PARP inhibitors work in the case of all TNBCs? (Brightness) (Huober)

Paclitaxel, nab-paclitaxel, docetaxel – what’s next? Genevieve (Paepke)

The “Battle of the Titans” ─ GeparOcto (Schneeweiss)

Update on GeparSepto, NeoPhoebe and GeparQuinto survival (Untch)

So what does the future hold? (Loibl)


Side-effect management (Junker-Stein)

SAEs/SUSARs (Nibler)

BRCA (Rhiem)

Translational research and central pathology (Denkert)

Radiotherapy (Krug)

How to survive oncology – avoiding burnout (Volkenandt)

Talks held at the AGO Meeting 2016

The current recommendations from the AGO Breast Committee have been compiled by the committee members.

Welcoming address (Scharl A.)
Breast cancer risk and prevention (Stickeler E. / Schmutzler R.)
Early detection and diagnosis (Albert U.-S. / Schreer I.)
Prognostic and predictive factors (Nitz U. / Witzel I.)
Osteo-oncology and bone health (Fehm T. / Solomayer E.)
Neoadjuvant (primary) systemic therapy (Untch M. / Liedtke C.)
Adjuvant radiotherapy (Thomssen Ch. / Budach W.)
CNS metastases in breast cancer (Müller V. / Loibl S.)
Endocrine and “targeted” therapy of metastatic breast cancer (Hanf V. / Mundhenke Ch.)
Gynaecological problems in breast cancer patients (Bauerfeind I. / Albert U.-S.)
Chemotherapy and “targeted” therapy for metastatic breast cancer (Thill M.)
Ductal cancer in situ (DCIS) (DCIS) (Kühn T.)
Operative treatment of breast cancer from an oncological perspective (Brunnert K. / Solomayer E.)
Adjuvant chemotherapy + “targeted” therapy (Möbus V. / von Minckwitz G.)
Summary of the most important changes and slides; closing words (Janni W.)

Presentations given at the Trial Coordinator Meeting 2015

Thank you for your participation and interest in our trial coordinator meeting. You are welcome to view the presentations here.

Current study results (Dr. Jenny Furlanetto)
Inspection preparation and findings (Udo Pfeil)
Avoiding queries (Nicole Haag / Carmen Schmidt-Rau)

ISF and essential documents (Bettina Merker-Pfister)
Creating worksheets

BRCA – Planning the screening of potential trial patients (Dr. Kerstin Rhiem)
Follow-up of trial patients (Petra Haussner / Jan Steffen)

Talks held at the Annual Meeting of the GBG 2015

Welcoming address and annual review 2014 (von Minckwitz)
Keynote lecture: CECOG (Zielinski)
Keynote lecture: Genomic Analysis of Breast Tumours and Biomarkers of Therapeutic Responsiveness (Perou)

Metastatic breast cancer trials

Brainmet (Thill)
Everolimus dose escalation + Evelyn (Lück)
Evita (Barinoff)
Aurora + Finesse (Liedtke)

Translational research I

Repair deficiency (BRCA, BRCAness, HRD) (Fasching)
Immune markers in Responsify and Transcan (Denkert)
HER2 resistance (Müller)
Liquid biopsy markers (Schem)

Adjuvant trials

BCP / Male (Reinisch)
Follow up studies (SOLE, STP, IBIS II, LATTE) (Jackisch)
Follow up studies (REACT, Aphinity, NNBC) (Thomssen)
ICE (Lübbe)
ICE II (Schmatloch)

Translational research II and surgery

Gene signatures (Endopredict, NGS) (Schmidt)
EU Projects (Eureca, Integrate) (Mehta)
SenSzi (Holtschmidt)
Insema (Reimer)

From adjuvant to post-neoadjuvant

Dose-dense studies (GAIN II, Panther, GAIN) (Möbus)
Olympia (Stickeler)
Katherine (Eidtmann)
Penelope (von Minckwitz)

Neoadjuvant trials

GeparQuinto Survival (Ataseven)
Dafne (Hanusch)
Neophoebe (only on request)
Brightness (Huober)
Genevieve (Paepke)
GeparSepto (Untch)
GeparOcto (Schneeweiss)
Future outlook and studies planned for 2015 (Avanza, I-Spy3, GeparX...) (Loibl)


Side-effect management (Junker-Stein)
Health-economical data collection within the context of clinical trials: significance and peculiarities (Schwenkglenks)
GCP in translational research (compliant collection of biomaterials) and central pathology (H. Becker)
Informed consent discussion (Volkenandt)
GCP (adequate documentation + SAE reporting + handling of study drugs) (Merker-Pfister)
Penelope (GBG 78) (D. Becker)

Talks given at the AGO Meeting 2015


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