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Insema (GBG 75): supra-regional press review

Axillary surgery for breast cancer is currently regarded more as a staging procedure which has no influence on breast cancer mortality, as the risk of developing metastases is mainly dependent upon the biological behaviour of the primary tumour (seed-and-soil model). This means that postoperative therapy should be considered on the basis of biological tumour characteristics rather than axillary lymph node involvement.

The aim of the INSEMA study is to show that disease-free survival in patients with early breast cancer and reduced axillary surgery is not inferior to that of patients in the standard therapy arm.

This is a collaborative study being conducted by the Women’s University Clinic (Universitäts-Frauenklinik) in Rostock at Klinikum Südstadt and GBG Forschungs GmbH. The trial sponsor is the University Hospital (Universitätsmedizin) of Rostock. German Cancer Aid is funding the trial.

Further information about the INSEMA trial is available here.

The following is an overview of the online media which have featured the breast cancer report issued by the dpa (German Press Agency) about the INSEMA study:

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